zzzVincent Menu

Be sure to ask about the daily specials!

Bagels and Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon and Avo Bagel
– rocket, cucumber and onion

Avo and Halloumi Bagel
– with spinach, tomatoes

Meatball Sub
– meatballs cooked in tomato sauce with cheese and spinach

Bacon and Egg Bagel
– tomato relish, swiss cheese and salad

Toasted Bagel
– cream cheese, PB, jam, or Vegemite

Pull Pork Roll
– slow cook pork with pickled veggies, spinach and spicy mayo

Vego Roll
with pickled veggies, salad and cheese


– choose from sourdough, multigrain or gluten free bread with either PB, jam or vegemite

Bircher Muesli
– apple, poached pear, seasonal fruits and Greek yogurt

Eggs Your Way
– on toast

– mushrooms on toast, with spinach, grated cheese and beetroot puree

Vincent’s Scramble
– eggs with feta and our special seasoning

Dog’s Breakfast
– eggs, avo, smoked salmon, feta and rocket…need I say more

Tofu Rice Paper rolls

Add Ons
– add bacon, avo, mushrooms, smoked salmon, halloumi, tomat

– add feta, extra piece of toast


Chicken and Lemongrass Taco
– with apple salsa, coriander, shallots and spicy mayo

Fried Chicken Burger
– with coleslaw, cheese, spicy mayo and chips

Vermicelli Noodle Salad
– fresh herbs, spring rolls, lettuce, pickled carrots, cabbage, shallots, peanuts, cucumber

Baked Egg and Meatballs
– with tomatoes, spinach and cheese

Pulled Pork Waffle
– open waffle sandwich with pickled veggies, sweet potato curly firs and chipotle aioli

Blueberry Coconut Waffle
– with fresh fruit, marscapone and whipped cream

GF and Vegetarian options available for most dishes

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