Say Hi to Kerrie, Emily and Ruby when you visit the Cafe

The thought of having a delicious meal while enjoying quality coffee is second-nature in Australia and this is the essence of Vincent the Dog. It’s founder, Vincent who worked like a dog to get the cafe started, was a coffee savant and his Asian heritage influenced the cuisine.

Now Kerrie and Emily, together with Ruby their Dog, continue to develop the cafe with the same focus on quality coffee and delicious food while also bringing their own influence with their house brewed Kombucha, Tumeric and Chai lattes and gluten-free and vegetarians offerings.

Coffee is still the soul of the cafe and a story that Kerrie and Emily continue to develop. To bring their perception to every cup, they work with Code Black, local Melbourne roasters. They offer espresso-based custom blended coffee beans, with the Seasonal blend for black coffees and the 3056 blend for milk. Single-origin coffee beans are offered for their speciality coffees.

The courtyard remains the focal point for all to meet and please bring along your furry friends. Ruby is often there to greet them or for you to pat, if she is not lying lazily at your feet.

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